What We Weigh!

We haven't been to the pediatrician in ages! SOOO, I guess we weigh about 24 pounds now...(May 10)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Lily coos too

Here is the Lily video!!! Courtesy of Eric, who took the video this afternoon!

New album

I also posted a new link to the right. The first "Photo Album" link is a little slideshow I put together using Web Album Maker, a trial software program I found last night. It's relatively simple and a little slow in loading, but you might enjoy it!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

We can coo!

For those of you who haven't seen us in a while (or ever) you are in for a treat! Mom caught some video of, mostly Eve, cooing and talking! We both do it, actually Lily does it more, but it is the cutest thing! We can make all kinds of noises, including coos, shrieks, and Lily even GIGGLED the other day. It was like a stuccato coo actually. Enjoy the video...I hope it works!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bigger and bigger

All right, the girls have been "discharged" from the home health aide visits because they are doing wonderfully. Eve weighs 11 pounds 10 ounces, as of Tuesday, and Lily weighed in at 11 pounds 15 ounces. I'm assuming she is over the 12-pound mark by now. Both babies tend to take 7 to 8 ounces per feeding now. I called to make sure that was all right with the pediatrician, and he said as long as they don't look obese, it's fine to let them eat if they tolerate it all. We have an appointment for Oct. 2, the day after out benefits kick in, to get their 4-month shots and have a check up.

The home health aide nurse did mention that Lily has a small umbilical hernia. I can feel it when she strains, but it pops itself back in and you can tell that it does it when you touch her bellow button when she is relaxed. I'm not thrilled about it because I worry about every little thing, but I've been told they are pretty common and they almost always go away by 3-4 years of age. AND, that large ones are the ones that might need intervention, not the mini one Lily has. I'd be surprised if it pops out a centimeter. It's not that big at all. Now, it has to STAY that way!! If it gets bigger, then we have to start worrying. ANYWAY, enough on that.

It's getting close to that time we have been waiting FOREVER for -- the completion of the NURSERY. The closet needs another coat of paint, and it's a pain that the babies have to sleep in our room again until everything is well-ventilated. After that, we need to put up the trim and then we can start decorating the walls. We have Winnie the Pooh classic prints to put up and some foil pictures that my grandparents used to sell. We are going to look at getting a rug for the room too. And the same goes for our MUSIC room. That closet needs more coats for SURE, as the dark blue paint doesn't cover well withouut a bunch of layers. I SO cannot wait until we put the rooms back together and have a HOUSE. After those rooms are done (nursery, music, library and our room...) THEN we have only two rooms left to really do, the laundry room and downstairs bathroom...and the hallway/stairwell too. THe later is going to be a PAIN. It isn't done being taped yet, not even finished sheetrocked on parts of it. And we haven't picked out a color. But that isn't so bad because you don't have to put the hallway/stairwell back together to move around in it like you do a room.

All right, that's all for now.

Monday, September 10, 2007

QUICK update

Lily weighed 11 pounds 1 ounce on Wednesday. Eve weighed 10 pounds 12.5 ounces. They are getting SO big. I can't believe the few times I carry both girls at once, I'm carrying around 22 pounds of extra weight! They've come a long way from the 3.5 and 4 pounders they were when they were born! And in less than 4 months too! I wonder if they are anywhere near their actual age growth charts? I"ll have to find out. I'm not sure how all that works!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


It took some work, but we got a number of pictures of the girls smiling. These are some of the better ones. It isn't easy catching the smiles because it isn't like they can keep them up long and we don't always click the camera button fast enough! First is Eve, second is Lily.

WE also caught the girls snuggling in their bassinet. THey fell asleep after this picture was taken. They were bundled up under there so they didn't fling their arms and legs around and scratch each other. Babies have SHARP finger nails if you don't file/cut them enough!!!

We bought the changing table/dresser for the girls room this past weekend. It was on sale at Burlington Coat Factory and it was more than half off. All wood construction, it needed a little adjusting and it's awesome now! Lots of drawer space and a cabinet. Nice walnut finish. I'll try to get a picture up soon. The web site doesn't even list that particular table/dresser so I can't direct you there!!!

Anyway, that's all for now. We'll have to see what the girls weigh tomorrow. It feels like Lily weighs so much more than Eve, but I don't know, I've thought that in the past and it wasn't so.