What We Weigh!

We haven't been to the pediatrician in ages! SOOO, I guess we weigh about 24 pounds now...(May 10)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Today was Lily and Eve's February RSV shot appointment. They did well and I learned they now weigh 22 pounds each. So it's out with the infant carrier and in with the new "bigger baby" car seats! I can't believe I was lugging around over 44 pounds of stuff when I went into the office today! I won't have any trouble building arm strength I don't think!

Other than that no new news. Still only two teeth erupted for both girls but they are probably close to getting a third. Lily enjoys her Johnny Jump Up but Eve hates it. They can sit pretty well unassisted, but they WILL topple and can't get up on their own. Both girls love to stand if you hold their hands or support them somehow and they can roll easily now. Still no crawling, but they are able to get their stomachs off the ground now so that might be their new milestone. Still no words or anything, just lots of different sounds.

They love their solid food -- some things more than others. So far they have had carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, peas, green beans, bananas, applesauce, rice cereal and apples and cinnamon, prunes and I believe pears. We are going to try some other stage 2 stuff soon, since they are 7 months adjusted and 9 months actual age.

Pics for you:

One night Lily was not going to sleep very well, as she had been fussy for a few nights in a row, and so I gave her this toy mirror to play with. She quieted down and when I went in to check on her this is how I found her sleeping. (Mind you I put her down on her back...and she was playing with the mirror on her chest.) I just had to take the picture because I kept thinking to myself, maybe she thinks she is sleeping with Eve and that was what it took to get her to calm down and nod off! Of course the girls only nap together, they don't sleep together at night but they used to so I can think to myself what I want and I thought it was too cute!

This picture is of Miss Eve, who was playing with napkins on Grandma and Grandpa's kitchen table. Lily enjoyed them too, a nice inexpensive way to entertain the kiddies! Of course you have to watch that they don't EAT them, but it is fun to see them have so much fun with paper. I'll try to get up more pics of it and we have a video of both playing with the napkins too! If I ever get around to posting it!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Quick shout-out to my Aunt Kris! Wanted to say thank you for getting us that formula, it is going to be a HUGE help when they reach that stage and we really appreciate it. I'll e-mail you personally when I get the address from Dad. I lost all my addresses AGES ago! :-)

A pic for all your enjoyment: